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Women Hairstyle | Popular Hairstyles for Women Over 50 - Short Hair | sdsxx.com

Women Hairstyle | <b>Popular Hairstyles for Women</b> Over 50 - Short Hair | sdsxx.com

<b>Popular Hairstyles for Women</b> Over 50 - Short Hair | sdsxx.com

Posted: 10 Nov 2015 10:15 AM PST

Short hairstyles are no longer something worn only by younger women. More and more older women are joining the fan club, and are doing it with both style and elegance. Since there are too many different haircuts to try and list all of them, we've had to limit ourselves to ten most popular choices. They're all appropriate for women over 50, and chosen as those styles that accentuate their natural beauty.

  1. Elegant pixie cut

Short hair over 50-1

Going for a pixie cut is a rather bold move, even for a younger woman, but more and more older women are choosing it for their hairstyle. The hair is very short, but cut to bring out the best from a woman's face.

  1. Classic bob

You can't go wrong with bob, or so they say. But it's true that the classic variant of the bob looks good on most women, especially with the longer strands of hair on the front.

  1. Layered with side-swept bangs

Short hair over 50-3

Layered hairstyle can bring out the best from every hair type, and make the hair look especially pretty. When combined with elegant side-swept bangs, it gives the perfect look for a woman over 50.

  1. Chic silver-grey pixie

Short hair over 50-4

If the pixie is not enough for you, and you'd like to take it one step further, stop dying your hair or dye it in a bold shade of silver-grey. The combination is quite rare, but it will make your face look rather impressive.

  1. Short and curly

Short hair over 50-5

If you're feeling extra frisky, try out this playful hairstyle. The hair has been cut very short, like for a pixie, and at the same time styled to create these lovely short curls. The combination will take years off your face.

  1. Chin-length bob with bangs

Short hair over 50-6

For a more sophisticated look, consider getting a bob with bangs. Here the hair has been cut to go just a bit below the chin, and the front strands of hair have been styled into long wispy bangs.

  1. Layered and fiery red

Short hair over 50-7

Layered hair is a great choice for women over 50, but is usually combined with different shades of brown, and sometimes highlights. Here the fiery red hair color makes the look extra special, and the hairstyle a bold choice for an older woman.

  1. Whipped-up curls

Short hair over 50-8

The length is just below the chin, and the curls are big, wispy and a bit messy. The combination gives a rather interesting bed-head look for women over 50.

  1. Stacked bob


This variant of the bob is a great choice for women who are looking something that will make them look both beautiful and respectful.

  1. Layered and highlighted

Short hair over 50-10

The combination of layers and highlights that can be seen here is among the more popular short hairstyles. The layers give your hair its shape and volume, while the highlights prevent it from looking monotonous.

Short hair is something that can make a woman over 50 look beautiful, and at the same time younger than she really is. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, and you'll surely find what you're looking for among the options described above.

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Posted: 28 Oct 2015 01:00 AM PDT

The popular reverse bob hairstyles are big hair news and this most fashionable haircut starts now for new season 2015. The new bob has edgy styles and variations that women and children are choosing for this years cut. The reverse bob also called inverted bob is similar to other bob hairstyles, but is worn tapered around the edge keeping it closer to your neckline. Think about more height at the crown and more tapered in the back. There is relatively little maintenance to keep up a great reverse bob, which makes it a perfect new hairstyle. Here are 10 Popular Reverse Bob Hairstyles. Check them out and choose your next style!

1. Layered Reverse Blonde Bob Haircut

Reverse Blonde Bob Haircut


2. Blonde Reverse Bob Hairstyle

Best Reverse Bob Hairstyles

3. Short Curly Reverse Bob Haircut

Curly Reverse Bob Haircuts

4. Two Tone Reverse Bob Hairstyle Back View

Reverse Bob Hairstyle Back View


5. Layered Reverse Two Tone Bob Hairstyle

Layered Reverse Bob Hairstyle

6. Long Ombre Reverse Bob Hairstyle

Ombre Reverse Bob Hairstyle


7. Reverse Ombre Blue Grey Bob Hair

Reverse Ombre Blue Bob Hair


8. Cool Brown Reverse Bob Hair

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9. Short Reverse Blonde Bob Hair

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10. Victoria Beckham Reverse Brown Bob Hair

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