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Short <b>Haircuts for Middle Aged Woman</b> | Hairstyles 2016 Fashion

Posted: 02 Nov 2015 08:59 PM PST

Short Haircuts for Middle Aged Woman

We wanted to compile and share the most appropriate haircut models for middle aged women during the last period of the 2015 season. Especially middle aged women desire the short haircuts since they do not want to spend a lot of their time to their hairs however they can prefer the long haircuts too which some of those models do not care that much. And we wanted to make things easier for you in this regard with some samples.

Haircut for Middle Ages Women that Have Thin Hairs

In the event that your hair is started to become thin and you do not want to use that chemical shaping products you can prefer the short hairstyles however you should keep in mind that the short hairstyles are to most difficult one. These hairs will always look messy since you can not collect them in somewhere and when you will not apply hairdryer you will have to deal with them all the day. That is why unlike known it is the most difficult hair length to use. In the event that you hair started to be thin you can apply natural hair additions which are one of the most popular application of the recent year. With these additions your hair will look fuller. These additions are not recommended for short hairs, in the event that you are willing to use them you need to have at least medium or longer hairs.

Short Hairstyles for Middle Ages Ladies

In the event that you are not bored from daily hairdryer or straighten or shape your hairs than short or medium hairstyles will be definitely for you. Also light hair colors and bond haircut models will provide you a very good look which is also suitable for your age range. Your hairs, makeup and clothes can make you look younger and older than you are. In the event that you are older than 40 always keep away from dark hair colors and tight buns. Prefer eyeliners and bronze tones in the blush instead of pink ones. Looking younger is in your hands that are why you must always keep away from the old fashioned hairstyles. You will not believe how the right hair color and model will change you and make you look 10 ages older than you are. We have searched and gathered the most popular celebrity hairstyles which can make you look older or younger for you. You will agree with us once you will see the difference.

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Date: 3 November 2015

Black <b>hairstyles</b>: White <b>middle</b>-<b>aged women</b> with black hair looks <b>...</b>

Posted: 15 Oct 2013 12:52 PM PDT

From 'Can I Touch It?' by Edina Beal

From 'Can I Touch It?' by Endia Beal.

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Black hairstyles are fascinating to mainstream American culture, as is evident in the success of the documentary Good Hair. Although comedian Chris Rock offers an inside look at the science and psychology of black women's hair care in his 2009 film, how many non-black women have worn African-American hairstyles personally? After enjoying the black beauty salon experience? These women have.

Through photographer Endia Beal, a handful of middle-aged white women now know what it's like to rock flat twists, goddess braids, and other black hair looks. Sure, many white women have worn black hairstyles — most famously Bo Derek in the classic '70s movie 10 — but, not many have been snapped by a fine art photographer in the process

Online news outlet Slate magazine chronicles Beal's project, a portrait series called Can I Touch It? In these works Beal not only posed Caucasian women in their 40s (or older) with black hairdos — she also composed these images as traditional corporate head shots.

Getting the black hair experience

Spawned by her work as a young woman with an Afro interning in technology, Beal wanted these women to understand the alienation of wearing non-traditional hair in a corporate setting.

And they could not pick their styles themselves.

"I said, 'I am going to give you a black hairstyle,' and they were like, 'You're going to give me cornrows?'" Beal told Slate. "And I said, 'No, we're going to do finger waves.' 'Finger waves? What's that? You mean from the '20s?' And I said, 'These are a little bit different type of finger waves!'"

Despite any initial concerns, they came to see the project as an opportunity to learn about black women's hair care without worry of offense.

Mutually creating black hair acceptance

The photographer plans on extending the project by decamping the crew to a real workplace with their urban coiffure. Whatever Beal has planned, they seem game, which fits perfectly with the artist's intent: to lift the total burden of generating black hair acceptance from black women in corporate America.

Can I Touch It? echoes the theme of a recent New York City public exhibition in which black women gathered outdoors and invited strangers to touch their hair. Aptly called You Can Touch My Hair, the creator staged the event to generate positive black hair dialogue.

Curiosity — and confusion — over black women's hairstyles might seem like a superficial matter, but it has even cost some African-American women their jobs. Just last year, TV meteorologist Rhonda A. Lee was allegedly fired for discussing her natural hairstyle on Facebook, which caused a national controversy.

Change from within… and without

Artists such as Rhadamés Julián are seeking to change black women's minds so that they do not need outside approval for their hair choices. His coming film Follicle: People of color, identity and the barriers that lie in between, unlike the comedy Good Hair, intends to spark deep thoughts on black hairstyles.

The feeling of being judged negatively for wearing styles that do not mimic the mainstream ideal is something many African-American women carry within. It is hard to tell which approach is better in the long run for dismantling the complex place black women's hair holds in our nation's tacit rule book of grooming.

Strengthen yourself from within, or broaden others' minds?

It is likely that in the long run getting those in the majority to question their feelings about black hair — through open, even humorous, invitations to communicate — will be a necessary complement to any effort at helping black women totally love their locks.

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