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Women Hairstyle | 8 Cool Long Hairstyles for Black Women | Trends Fashion - Rio.JS

Women Hairstyle | 8 Cool Long <b>Hairstyles</b> for Black <b>Women</b> | Trends Fashion - Rio.JS

8 Cool Long <b>Hairstyles</b> for Black <b>Women</b> | Trends Fashion - Rio.JS

Posted: 20 Oct 2015 08:39 AM PDT

The dark skin tone is one of the unique skin tones that will suit with any hairstyle. The dark skin tone is the kind of skin that generally will suit with every hairstyle. This hairstyle which is commonly had by the African people basically can match with any haircut, including long haircuts. Therefore here are several long hairstyles for black women that maybe could be reference for people who have dark skin and long hairstyle. Long hairstyles with layers are one of them.

long hairstyles for black women 2015

Long hairstyles with layers are included the recommended hairstyle for women with dark skin, because this kind of hairstyle will beautifully frame their face and will match with the skin tone that they have. Layers and dark skin tone are two things that can work together and also can create nice look for everyone who apply this kind of hairstyle. Besides nice, this long hairstyle for black women also can be categorized as the pretty hairstyle that will match with any skin tone.

long hairstyles for black women over 40

The other long hairstyle for black women will be suitable for women with dark skin including the classic curl hairstyle. Even though it is a classic hairstyle, but until now still there are a lot of people who use this hairstyle, it means that this hairstyle is still popular until now. Mariah Carey is one of the popular women with dark skin tone that used to have this kind of hairstyle.

  long hairstyles for black women over 50

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long hairstyles for black women with bangs

long hairstyles for black women with round faces

long hairstyles for black women with weave

long hairstyles for black women

The other long hairstyle for black women which can be reference by the women who want to have beautiful hairstyle for their long hair, it is including the long hairstyle with bang. Maybe this is the most common hairstyle, but the long hairstyle with bang is one of the haircuts that will match for every women. Women will look much fresh and younger with this hairstyle. Therefore, if you are a woman that have dark skin tone and want to create your natural long hair, you can apply this pretty hairstyle for your hair.

20 Awesome Undercut <b>Hairstyles for Women</b> | HairStyleHub

Posted: 04 Jan 2016 01:39 PM PST

Undercut hairstyles

Undercuts can be edgy or feminine depending on how you decide to style them. If you really want a look that is unique and not your normal cut then an undercut is definitely for you. The best part about undercuts is that you are not making a drastic cut to your hair. You can limit it to just one small section if you desire. You can jazz up your look by adding designs like shapes, lines, words, and if you're really artistic even pictures. Another way to jazz up your undercut is to experiment with color you can add highlights or even try Ombre with your favorite colors. Have we convinced you to make this daring change to your hair? If so, then check out 20 Awesome undercut hairstyles for women that we picked out specifically for you. These will be trendy and surely unique enough to turn heads. We hope you enjoy.

Grey side layered cut


Grey has been one of the most popular hair colours. Going grey is bold but rocking it with an undercut is even bolder. This is cut on the sides which shows a hint of brown. The front is in a bang cut with a few layers.

Tapered boy cut


Boy cuts have been an it thing. We love how this one is specifically tapered on the sides and on the nape area. The top is then shaped into a boy cut. We love the artistic approach with the clear heart earring.

Ice blonde spiked cut


This is definitely a style where edgy meets glam. The side is shaven down but not completely which allows you to rock a wavy look if you please. We love that the makeup was a smokey eye with a pale lip because it brings out the intensity of the whole look.

Purple Ombre with waves


Demi Lovato has really stepped out of her shell. This purple ombre undercut really suits her style, personality, and music. Try out different colors on your ends such as pink, green, or blue.

Faded messy mini bun


Next we have a more daring cut. This cut exposes more with a little hair left in the crown area. This is styled into a messy bun with a very minimalist artistic approach. If you're not into the glitz and glam then this style is for you.
Blonde Ombre


This blonde ombre look is super gorgeous. The blue and green mesh really well together and do not over power each other. This reminds us of the ocean and this color combination goes great with any skin tone.

Cotton candy pink


Cotton Candy anyone? Who would pink be without pink hair? Pink is a true definition of rock meshed with glam. We love this pink do on her. It has a wavy texture with light curls and different hues of pink.

Everyday undercut


Looking for a more natural and relaxed undercut? Try this style that Meagan Good is sporting. This is great if you're not ready to take a drastic leap and completely shave down your hair. It is feminine and also has a lot of versatility.

Angled bob with nape undercut


Put a twist on your everyday bob. Add an undercut like this one with a funky wave design. This is super fun because it is not what's expected. If you're feeling extra bold then add a pop of color. Add layers to make your hair look fuller because it is cut so high up.

Long poetic justice braids


Take your poetic justice braids to a whole new level. Add geometric pattern undercuts to the nape or even the sides. The patterns mixed with the braids creates a beautiful combination.

Ballerina bun


A classic ballerina but with some spunk. The ash blonde mixed with grey is a great combination that has the ability to give off blue hues.

French braid with completely shaved side

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

Dare to go completely bald? Ok well not completely bald but check out this unique completely shaved cut with a french braid. This is definitely a conversation starter right here.

Elegant mid knot


Who said you couldn't rock an elegant mid knot with an undercut on the red carpet? Well were sure people would give you the side eye at first, but who cares? Someone has to start trends. We love how this is out of the ordinary for your typical red carpet look.

Natural dread Mohawk

For our ladies with dreads try this super cute twisted dreaded Mohawk. Add beads and shells, or even try out different colors with this look. We love the earth-toned colors with mixes of browns and blondes.

Aztec Frohawk


This is a natural Frohawk for those naturals to want to live a bit on the edge. We love the super cute Aztec inspired print that is along the sides. The lines are precise and clean cut.

Glittery Double buns


How cute is this double bun? This style is not only cute but also a protective style that allows you to show off your fierce undercut design. This is great for the winter because keeps your ends tucked.

Faucet curl cut


Cassie was one of the first people to introduce the undercut into Hollywood. We love how she made this look totally glam by adding soft and bouncy large spiral curls. Pair with your special occasion earrings and a floor length gown for a special occasion.

High fashion ponytail


We are so loving this twist on the sleek ponytail. This has been a go-to style for many celebrities on the red carpet. It is nice to see an unusual take on a common style.

Blonde bowl cut


This blond bowl cut reminds us of pop art. We love the combination of the hot pink lipstick, rose blush and purple on the eyes. If you love color go with this cut and experiment with your makeup.

Jumbo braided Mohawk


Alicia Keys is known for rocking braids. It is good to see her step out of her comfort zone with this undercut braided Mohawk. Paired with all black this gives her a very edgy look.




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Women Hairstyle | 8 Cool Long <b>Hairstyles</b> for Black <b>Women</b> | Trends Fashion - Rio.JS