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Women Hairstyle | 30 Top <b>Haircuts for Women</b> Over 50 | Elrincondelchapo.com

30 Top <b>Haircuts for Women</b> Over 50 | Elrincondelchapo.com

Posted: 23 Oct 2015 07:31 AM PDT

Love short hair? Want to give your hair a new look? Well, this is the place to be!

Here you'll find not one or two but ten super-sexy short hairstyles for women over 50. Pick one-or perhaps more-which suits your hair, face, and style best.

  1. Short Bob Hairstyle

Short hair trends 2015 (2)

If you've got a poker straight hair, this hairstyle might look great on you. Ask your stylist to chop your bob a little below your ears and fringes a little above your eyebrows. This hairstyle, however, is not for every woman. Be doubly sure before your stylist runs a scissor through your hair.

  1. Wispy Pixie

Short hair trends 2015 (3)

When you are over 50, you should go for short haircuts that are soft and dress it up with just a little bit of wispiness to give the hairstyle a modern edge. Wispy pixie is not only an appealing short haircut but it also is very versatile. As the hair in this style is little longer around the ears, you can style it a bit shaggier or tuck it up behind your ears.

  1. Bob Hairstyle

Short hair trends 2015 (4)

Without a doubt, this is one sophistical haircut which goes well with almost all types of faces. If you like to try out different hairstyles, it is best to opt for level layers.

  1. Centre-Parted Lob

Short hair trends 2015 (5)

Well, this is a classic hairstyle which looks great on almost all face types. Ask your stylist to cut the hair at the back a little tinier than hair at the front. Also have long, angled layers around the face.'

  1. Collarbone-Length

Short hair trends 2015 (6)

This is a great hairstyle for women with naturally wavy hair. It is also called a 'no-layer' cut, but that doesn't mean there are no layers. Layers are there, but they are so subtle that one doesn't notice them. This in turn lends some softness to the look and prevents it from looking too overdone or perfect.

  1. Wavy Bob

Short hair trends 2015 (7)

This is another variation of bob style that looks great on women of all ages. Go for long, textured bob and loose waves, a combination that looks so much more appealing and refreshing than the conventional shoulder-length hair which looks coiffed.

  1. Mid-Length

Short hair trends 2015 (8)

Tired of bob style? Well, this is an ideal hairstyle to transition out of it. It is also a low-maintenance style. And, what's more, it has natural movement to it because it breaks on your shoulders.

  1. Chic Side-Swept Pixie

Short hair trends 2015 (9)

This is another great choice for women who keep hair short. The overall style should be kept subtle and playful, and if you've a petite face, fringe must be side swept and the top a little tousled.

  1. Asymmetric Bobs

Short hair trends 2015 (10)

This is a good hairstyle for women with a round face and who are in mood of a chic look. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle and so achieving and maintaining is no trouble at all, which is good news for ultra busy women.

  1. Classic Pixie Cut

Short hair trends 2015 (1)

This is an all-season hairstyle for all women, including those who are now on the other side of 50.


True, the right hairstyle can easily make you 5 or even 10 years younger. The secret to this is changing your hairstyle in little ways every few years. Why? You may ask. Well, simply because your hair tendencies change, and as a matter of fact so do you.

Here are 10 top hairstyles for women over 50 who don't wear too long or too short hair.

medium hair for 50s (2)

Don't opt out of a medium-length bob just because your hair is slightly curly. Minimum styling can ensure your hair holds the proper shape, while the special curly character of your hair will accentuate the hairstyle.

medium hair for 50s (3)

Chin-length bob with extra layers is another great option for women who are now on the other side of 50. Those with straight hair can curl their hair using a blow-dryer and then a round comb. Women with naturally slightly curly hair need not worry about this—natural curls will lend a cute flip at the edges on their own.

medium hair for 50s (4)

Here's a secret to look 10 years younger, if not more: Go for curly bobs featuring irregular pattern.

  1. Shoulder-Grazing Haircut with Trimmed Edges

medium hair for 50s (5)

Universally flattering and very convenient, shoulder length is another popular choice for older women. Go for the contemporary shaggy finish at the edges, which not only looks tidy but also adds a hint of mischievousness to the look.

medium hair for 50s (6)

No other haircut effortlessly gives a lift around the face than the medium layered haircut. The hairstyle features long trimmed layers, which give a lift around the face, and elongated bangs, which gives you a refreshing look.

medium hair for 50s (7)

Looking for a modern, trendy look? Well, give disconnected bob a try. They not only add a wonderful shape to the hair but also give an energetic look.

medium hair for 50s (8)

A short bob along with side swept bangs is perfect for a woman with fine and thin hair. If you are worried about a high forehead or wrinkles on the forehead, then too this hairstyle is for you. It is also a great choice when you are in a hurry, for it is very easy to achieve. All it needs is some gentle blow-drying after you've shampooed the hair.

medium hair for 50s (9)

If you want something classy and flawlessly beautiful, a long-layered bob hairstyle is the best option for you. What's more, it is very simple to achieve. Just add a few layers and thin out the contours.

medium hair for 50s (10)

Perfect for someone with short wispy style, refreshing pixie is a wonderful option for women over 50.

medium hair for 50s (1)

On those busy days when you've hardly got any time for styling, the updo hairstyle can get you looking classy and beautiful in a trice. This look works best in someone with shoulder-length or longer hair. Don't forget to brush your hair nicely so that pulling them in a bun is easy and simple. Ah, one more thing: spritz the hair with a hairspray to ensure no flyaway hair spoils your chick look.

Being over 50 doesn't mean you shouldn't try new hairstyles. Here are 10 extremely popular long hairstyles and each one of them will add a ton of glamour to your personality.

women over 50 hair (12)

Without a doubt, this is one of the best long hairstyles for women who find themselves on the other side of 50. This hairstyle is safe but says a lot. What's more, the messy waves are not at all difficult to achieve. Select sections of hair at random and, using a curling iron, curl it. Remember to run your hand through the curled sections to ensure they are not so well defined—after all, the style has got to look a little messy.

women over 50 hair (13)

If you've ever wondered if this style ever goes out of fashion, the answer is NO. It looked good when you were in 40s and 50s won't be any different. Avoid tying the hair too tight, for messy is the modern look. A few strands of hair coming out by the sides of the ear will make you look the part—self-assured, bold, and, yes, ever beautiful.

women over 50 hair (14)

Are you a natural brunette? This style is likely to work best for you. Opt for a softer, lighter tone simply because it is more flattering on mature skin.

women over 50 hair (15)

Looking for a sleek hairstyle which is effortless to achieve? Then, straight look is just for you. Another advantage of its is that it'll make you younger by no fewer than 10 years, thanks to straight hair. You can go for the traditional parting or a side parting—choice is yours. The longer your hair is, the better will be the effect.

women over 50 hair (16)

Added layers will make your hair look healthier and you at least 10 years younger. Isn't that awesome?

women over 50 hair (17)

True to its name, the hairstyle looks ultra luscious. Curling the whole length of your hair will give it a nice extra boost. Once you've curled the hair tight, don't forget to casually run the fingers through it. This will help open the curls, which in turn will lend more volume, producing a much better effect.

women over 50 hair (18)

You can round up your hair in a bun, whether they are long or not so long. There are so many variations for you to play in this classic style, so much so you can go out with a new bun style every day of the week.

women over 50 hair (19)

This is another amazing hairstyle for all those women who are over 50. A visit to your stylist's saloon is not necessary for this one; all you need is one of those new curling tongs.

  1. Straight Hair with Outward Curls

women over 50 hair (20)

If you want people to eye you, this is the long hair style for you. It is extremely simple yet very elegant. All hair are swept to one side (right or left is your choice) with wavy curls towards the end. As the name suggests, you need to curl the hair at the end to the outside. This will lend volume to your hair.

women over 50 hair (1)

Adding chin length sections can easily conceal a fading jaw line while at the same time giving you a chic look.

<b>Long Hairstyles for Women</b> : Simple Hairstyle Ideas For Women and <b>...</b>

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A bunch of long hairstyles for women we had prepared here. Special for you with round shaped face, you will extremely beautiful if you style your long hairstyle in side swept style. Beside is dreamy, it also evokes elegance to your face. Then, the side swept haircut will be lovelier if you complete it with side bangs.

Further, in order to dazzle it, you are able to curl the ends with curling iron which is 1 ¼ inch. Don't forget to section the hair you are going to curl. After you finish it, pull your curls into your head back. Beside is women with round shaped face, long hairstyle is also suitable for square shaped face.

However, there are particular hairstyles that are suitable to style in order to get awesome look. As the example, women with square face will absolutely pretty if the hair is fashioned in retro style which is accented with curls side and fringe. To create this hairdo, you need to make sure that each section of your hair is curled perfectly.

Further, the last sensational long hairstyles for women you definitely will love. Created as big as sexy, this hairstyle would be more perfect if you comb you hair with tooth comb which is designed in small size. Amazingly, this long curly hairstyle could be installed to the women with elongated and square shaped face.

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