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Women Hairstyle | 10 Top Short Haircuts for Women 2015 | Elrincondelchapo.com

Women Hairstyle | 10 <b>Top</b> Short Haircuts for <b>Women</b> 2015 | Elrincondelchapo.com

10 <b>Top</b> Short Haircuts for <b>Women</b> 2015 | Elrincondelchapo.com

Posted: 09 Oct 2015 08:08 AM PDT

Short hair has many advantages. It is easier to maintain than long or medium hair and are not as damage-prone as the other two. What's more, short hair are immensely popular in 2015.

Here are some short hairstyles for 2015 that will make you the talk of the town.

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Disheveled look is going to be a really big feature in 2015, so much so that this year is going to belong to the choppy-layered look, with jagged outlines and ragged tips added to lend an edgy look.

Choppy layers are not difficult to maintain or achieve, so you can carry the short hairstyle of the year according to most stylist with utmost ease—isn't that absolutely great?

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Asymmetric bobs will be another great hit of 2015. The geometrically-angled bobs look particularly good on women with a round face, as the roundness in the face is well countered by the asymmetric lines.

  1. Knicker Elastic Ponytails

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Bubble ponytails came in vogue as an evening style towards the end of 2014. Well, guess what? They are going to hugely popular in 2015 as well. There are so many different trendy pony styles. You can practically choose to wear a new one every day.

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This is one look you must absolutely try at least once if you've naturally curly hair. A little bit of mousse and having just the right layers will ensure the tresses look all wet and wild even when dry.

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Need a fun hairstyle for your night out in the town? Go for flirty curls, because they are exactly what their name suggests—fun and adorable. And, oh yes, they are so easy to achieve. Just dress up the choppy bob with some curls. Yup, they are that easy!

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If you want something simple yet stylish, opt for a graduated bob haircut. Always in fashion, the graduated bob hairstyle looks good on almost all hair texture and color.

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A great pick for anyone with naturally curly hair, curly inverted bob is another popular short hairstyle trend for women in 2015. Getting the sinewy strands to sit into place is not so easy, but that's not a problem this year—rather an advantage. Just like with some other hairstyles, messy look with curly inverted bob is more popular.

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Several celebrities, including Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, have worn the ultra-chic looking pixie cut at one time or another. This is one short hairstyle for women that never goes out of fashion. Wearing your hair in the Pixie cut this year is as good time as any.

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Bowl cuts are another evergreen short hairstyle for women. If you want to be a head turner, you must try this hair style. It's easy to achieve, low-maintenance, and look amazing, but remember to get it done through a professional only.

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This hairstyle is nothing but a tweaked Mohawk with a healthy spread of color on top. However, the color and modified Mohawk do wonders to your look. Are you game for it?

30 <b>Popular</b> Bob Haircuts | Bob <b>Hairstyles</b> 2015 - Short <b>Hairstyles for</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 04 Oct 2015 01:00 AM PDT

A bob hairstyle is really one of the most timeless, classic looks that will never go out of style. The unique part about this style is its variability, as you can fit it to your own individual style. Do you want something with a little more edge? Have one side longer than the other. The possibilities are limitless. Whether you have fine hair, thick hair, curly hair or straight hair, you are bound to find a favorite among these fabulous bob hairstyles! Check out these perfect 30 Popular Bob Haircuts and choose your next hairstyle!

1. Popular Wavy Mid Length Bob Haircut

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6. Chic Popular Dark Bob Haircut

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7. Long Popular Blonde Bob Haircut

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8. Wavy Side Swept Popular Wavy Bob Haircut

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9. Line Cut Popular Copper Bob Haircut

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10. Asymmetrical Popular Blonde Bob Haircut

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11. Side View of Popular Short Bob Haircut

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12. Soft Wavy Popular Bob Haircut for Women

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13. Long Fine Straight Popular Bob Haircut

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14. Popular Blunt Bob Haircut with Bangs

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15. Popular Messy Blonde Bob Haircut

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16. Popular Ombre Short Bob Haircut

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17. Popular Straight Line Bob Haircut

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19. Popular Long Wavy Blonde Bob

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20. Popular Medium Layered Bob

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22. Popular Stacked Two Colored Bob

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23. Popular Straight Fine Dark Bob

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24. Popular Thick Stacked Bob Back

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25. Popular Nice Short Bob

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26. Popular Layered Casual Straight Bob

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27. Popular Wavy Long Blonde Bob

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28. Popular Inverted Wavy Bob Hair

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29. Popular Long Straight Higlighted Bob

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30. Popular Thick Dark Wavy Bob

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