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Women Hairstyle | 10 Most Popular Hairstyles for Woman of All Time - Frecked

Women Hairstyle | 10 Most <b>Popular Hairstyles for Woman</b> of All Time - Frecked

10 Most <b>Popular Hairstyles for Woman</b> of All Time - Frecked

Posted: 10 Aug 2015 10:42 PM PDT

Women are crazy about fashion. Everyone has a different sense and definition of fashion. And one of the most important aspect of fashion, is the hairstyle. Fashion and hair go hand in hand. Both enhance and complement each other. A hairstyle or hairdo refers to wrapping of the hair in any stylish manner.

Women try to do different hairdo's on different occasions. For some short hair serves the purpose whereas for others it's the long hair which make them look glamorous. Some choose retro look whereas others go for vintage kind. Fashion cultures set the trend of different hairstyles. Many new hairstyles have evolved in the last few years such as braid, mod cut, shag, blunt cut, bun, highlights, French twist, half crown and many more. They are the signifiers or identifiers  of social class, age, gender and many other attributes.

No doubt, most of the hairstyles we adopt are copied from the celebrities. It is so because the celebrities get the latest and updated hairdo's for their films directly from the top hair stylists. To provide more ease, below Frecked list out the top ten most popular, legendary and  iconic hairstyles of all the time, which never went out of trend.

10 Most Popular Hairstyles for Woman of All Time

10Layered Locks of Blake Lively

 Blake-LivelyPhoto credit by blog.lalpehumanhair.com

Going after the popularity of "Rachel", the long, blonde tresses of Blake Lively have become the most popular and demanded hairstyle in salons of America. This hairstyle was even highlighted in an article of New York Times, emphasizing the craze of people towards it.

9Pixie Crop look of Mia Farrow

pixie-cuts-Photo credit by elle.com

Mia Farrow is one of those people who have the coolest Pixie Cuts. In the year 1968, after the release of the movie  "Rosemary's Baby", hundreds of woman rushed to salons to loose inches of their hair, to get a pixie look which Vidal Sassoon gave to Mia Farrow for the movie, considering the ethnic standards of feminine beauty.

8Blonde Curls of Marilyn Monroe

monroePhoto credit by allclip.net

Marilyn Monroe preferred blonde over other styles. Thousands of women copied her hair style and the way she carried her hair. Her blonde waves, retro look, sexy pout and appealing figure are iconic. Her hairstyle proved to be her remembrance. No one is more famous than Marilyn Monroe in the history of blonde hairstyle.

No matter whether she created this look or not, she owned it anyhow. If you choose to go for bottle blonde style, then it guarantees you the most desirable sex appeal. It is till date the most popular hairstyle which never got outdated.

7Classic Cut of Michelle Obama

Michelle+Obamaphoto credited by stylebistro.com

By the year 2007, Michelle Obama remained a not so famous political wife. Later on, she handled the limelight with immense charm, grace and confidence; this flattering cut being a part of her elegance.

6Feathered Flip of Farrah Fawcett


photo credit by huffingtonpost.com

This style was most popular amongst men and women from the year 1970 to early 1980's. Farrah Fawcett's Feathered Flip consists of long hair, upto the shoulder length from both the sides, usually unlayered except in case of curly hair where men preferred layers, having side or centered parting. The hair is styled by brushing the sides backwards to give a similar look as of a bird's feather.

Many celebrities were given this look at some or the other point including Farrah Fawcett, Don Johnson and Tim Brooke Taylor of The Goodies and Eric Idle. So what if now, the era of 70's and Fawcett are not with us, this vintage hairstyle is tagged as one of the favorites of ladies everywhere.

5Posh Pageboy of Victoria Beckham

Photo credit hairextensionspictures.com

Victoria Beckham, once decided to enhance her "posh" skin. That was the time she catapulted herself from a girl to a legendary icon with this asymmetrical style, making women of every demography, a  big fan of her style. This hairstyle soon became popular throughout the world.

4Royal Do of Princess Diana

Princess diana

Photo credit by nydailynews.com

Despite of Diana's short and tragic life, she managed to reach the pinnacle of grace and came up with the most coveted and popular hairstyle among women of all age groups.

3Sleek Bob of Dannii Minogue

danni minoguePhoto via

If you are tired of the common Pixie Bob and need a haircut which looks more sleek and sexy, then Dannii Minogue's Sleek Bob hairstyle is best for you. This haircut is damn easy for the ladies having "wash and wear" attitude. Minogue's Sleek Bob perfectly complements a simple, edgy, elegant and a no-nonsense lady.

This hairstyle is also known by few other names such as  "A Line Bob" or "Chinese Bob".

2Shag look of Meg Ryan

meg_ryan_hairstyle_wallpapers_Photo via
No doubt that Meg Ryan is popular for her Sally Hershberger shag haircut, but this 48 year old lady went through number of beauty transformations in her whole career. She portrayed herself as a silly but quirky and sexy girl, perfectly embodied by this choppy shag.

This look was the first runner up as per Goody's poll. The picture shows a still of Meg Ryan from one of her movies of the year 1998, with her flippy, layered and cute hair. And the interesting thing is that this hairstyle is in trend even today.

1"Rachel" Cut of Jennifer Aniston

jennifer-aniston-changing-hair-1994 jenniferPhoto via and via

The "Rachel" cut was discovered by Jennifer Aniston in the very first series of popular American sitcom Friends in 1994, named after her role, Rachel Green which comprised of bouncy, fluffy and square layered hair. Jennifer did not like the cut but it became popular shortly and was widely accepted. Till now around 11 million women have tried this hairstyle, making "Rachel" cut, the most famous one of all times.
We hope this article provided you the major information about the most popular hairstyles, which will never fail to give you the vintage, retro or any amazing look that you desire. So for a change, rush as fast as possible to the salons near you and get a cool hair cut. Girls you can simply impress anyone by your silky, shiny and sexy hair cut.

<b>Top</b> 10 Long <b>Haircuts for Women</b> Over 40 | Elrincondelchapo.com

Posted: 12 Oct 2015 06:38 AM PDT

Welcome your 40s by looking at your stunning best. How? Well…if you are short on ideas, the following list of best long hairstyles for women over 40 will come extremely handy.

women over 50 hair (2)

Do you want to give up the short bob look but worried about looking awkward? Well, don't let the under managed hair growth hold you back! Through intricately cut bangs give your long bob hairstyle some defining styling touches. This will redefine your look—and in a positive way. So, go for it.

  1. Long and straight Hairstyle

women over 50 hair (3)

If you've long and blonde hair, why not go for the confident yet carefree look which the classic long and straight hairstyle lends. And, oh by the way, this look is as popular in 2015 as it was in 2014 or years before it.

women over 50 hair (4)

Think of a star over 40 donning the long and wavy hairstyle and one name immediately pops up—Jennifer Lopez. Oh, yes, she looks amazingly gorgeous sporting this hairstyle. And so would you if your hair is long and wavy. Instruct your stylist to style the waves in such a way so that they highlight your essentials, and then you'll look at your gorgeous best and your girlfriends will be all red with jealousy.

  1. The Inward Choppy Bang Hairstyle

women over 50 hair (5)

Hmmm, Jennifer Lopez might own the long, wavy hairstyle but no one wears the inward choppy bang hairstyle better than Nicole Kidman. Ideal for every woman with a 'carefree' attitude, this hairstyle works particularly well for those women over 40 who are worried about their long hair thinning out and losing some volume.

women over 50 hair (6)

Another stunning yet easy to achieve hairstyle popular in 2015 is the messy braids hairstyle. It could be your go-to hairstyle when your need a quick, effective, in-fashion hairstyle in minutes before you dash out of the house.

women over 50 hair (7)

A bun to the side is an eye catcher, more so when you make lose knots instead of tightening your bur. Give it a try; it really works.

  1. Side Swept Long Hairstyle With Bangs

women over 50 hair (8)

Want a simply gorgeous look? Then just go for the side swept hairstyles with bangs. And, oh, one thing: did we tell you this hairstyle is one reason why Cameron Diaz looks so stunning (even now)? Yup, that's why. It will look just as good on you, so give it a try.

women over 50 hair (9)

Do your waves in a swept back style to look absolutely stunning. To get this look, part the hair in the middle and sweep back the upper layer of your hair.

  1. Classic Shoulder Length Hairstyle

women over 50 hair (10)

This one works equally well at work and outside. For work, you can tie hair in a knot. On the other hand, wearing them loose is recommended for a special evening. And if there is a really special occasion, curl them to look dazzling.

women over 50 hair (11)

Those who like things to keep things simple and minimalistic might want to go for this popular hairstyle in 2015. It's a convenient, elegant hairstyle, which you can wear any time of the day and on any occasion.



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Women Hairstyle | 10 Most <b>Popular Hairstyles for Woman</b> of All Time - Frecked