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Women Hairstyle | Korean Hairstyles Women On Pinterest | Korean Hairstyles, Korean ...

Women Hairstyle | Korean <b>Hairstyles Women</b> On Pinterest | Korean <b>Hairstyles</b>, Korean <b>...</b>

Korean <b>Hairstyles Women</b> On Pinterest | Korean <b>Hairstyles</b>, Korean <b>...</b>

Posted: 30 Aug 2015 03:00 PM PDT

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Kim Jong Un has long held state-mandated haircuts for North Koreans. 18 official hairstyles for women and 10 for men have been sanctioned in a book and apparently enforced dutifully by North Korean barbers. But now the state is dispensing with 9 of the According to some tenuous reports, Kim Jong-un issued a mandate two weeks ago that all university students in North Korea must prison labor camp." Women, however, are still free to choose from any one of the 14 state-sanctioned haircuts. London, Feb 22 (ANI): In a bizarre campaign by the North Korean government to control Western influences, 18 official hairstyles have been sanctioned for women and 10 for men, in keeping with the dictates of the conformist country. According to the You won't see a North Korean woman sporting the Jennifer Aniston style blow-dry. That is because women are being encouraged to do their bit for the world's most conformist state – by getting a specially approved haircut. The bizarre campaign North Korea takes regulating their citizen's hairstyles seriously. Until now, people were allowed to choose from a set of hairstyles–18 for women and 10 for men. Previously, the country's state TV launched a campaign against long hair, called "Let us trim Though, it may have taken us a while to get back to the bush, according to Refinery 29, Korean women see pubic hair every aspect of another woman's appearance, from hairstyle to tan, shape, size, even body hair and fat distribution." .

Until now, everyone in North Korea had to choose their haircuts from a list of state-approved styles haircut'," the source told the Korea Times. For now, it seems women will still be able to choose one of the several state-approved styles. There is no such thing as "hairstyle" in North Korea. There is uniformity for both men and women. There is no dyeing of hair, and men would never get a permanent for their hair. Everyone must have the same hairstyle so they look clean. There are two Married women are allowed more leeway in their hair choices than A 2013 calendar, showing a picture of North Korea's Unha-3 rocket, hangs inside a hair salon in Pyongyang, North Korea. It is unclear what choices are available to balding men or babies. (WXYZ) – Male students that attend a university in North Korea are now required to get their hair cut The BBC reports that until now people were only allowed to choose from 18 hairstyles for women and 10 for men. The new hairstyle guideline has .

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Korean Hairstyles Women on Pinterest | Korean Hairstyles, Korean


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Women Hairstyle | Korean <b>Hairstyles Women</b> On Pinterest | Korean <b>Hairstyles</b>, Korean <b>...</b>