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Women Hairstyle | "Blowtox" Injections To Preserve Their Hairdos - Fast Company

Women Hairstyle | "Blowtox" Injections To Preserve Their <b>Hairdos</b> - Fast Company

"Blowtox" Injections To Preserve Their <b>Hairdos</b> - Fast Company

Posted: 28 Aug 2015 03:06 AM PDT

Jeannel Astarita has long, thick hair that gets frizzy when she sweats. It takes her 40 minutes to blow dry it and another 20 minutes to curl it, and she'll go to great lengths to avoid this routine. That used to mean skipping workouts after work and weekend bike rides with her husband.

More recently, it has meant getting several dozen Botox shots in her scalp in order to stop her head from sweating when she exercises—thus preserving her hairstyle for another day or two. She and other women who swear by the method call it "Blowtox."

"It's common for SoulCycle people," says Dr. Patricia Wexler, a New York City dermatologist who administers the treatment. "SoulCycle is infamous for killing the hair."

SoulCycle is infamous for killing the hair.

Botox, best known as a wrinkle smoother, is also approved by the FDA for excessive underarm sweating. The drug blocks the impulses between nerves that tell a sweat gland to activate and the gland itself. If strategically shot into the scalp—a treatment that lasts anywhere from three to nine months and can cost up to $1,500—a woman can emerge from even the sweatiest of workouts with her hairdo still dry and intact.

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Dr. Wexler says that she's been getting the odd request for Blowtox, though not by that name, for the past two years. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, who also has a practice in Manhattan, says that he got his first request for Blowtox five years ago, but "this summer the treatment has been more popular than ever." Dr. Dendy Engelman, who practices at Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, says she administers Blowtox to about two clients per month, and, after being featured on a television segment about the treatment this summer, has received calls from doctors in Brazil, Ireland, Australia, and "everywhere in the states," inquiring about the technique for their own practices.

Women in the United States already spend an estimated $42 billion in hair salons and another $11.6 billion on hair care products. Now, it seems, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and Botox-maker Allergan all have an opportunity to, er, inject themselves into the giant hair care market.

Wait, you might be thinking. Isn't this market restricted to the pampered owners of dogs that fit inside purses? I mean, isn't getting a medical procedure to protect your hairstyle ridiculous?

Women reported spending on average 55 minutes every day working on their appearance.

For some (fabulously wealthy) women, a $1,500 Blowtox treatment may actually save money. A blowout at a trendy hair dry salon costs $40 (for the uninitiated, a "blowout" is when a salon shampoos and styles your hair without cutting it). Let's say that a dose of Blowtox saves two blowouts per week. That's $2,880 over nine months. On the other hand, you really don't need a professional beautician to blow dry your hair.

The more convincing justification for Blowtox is that, for many women, their hair is a sort of handcuff.

In a poll by Today and AOL last year, women reported spending on average 55 minutes every day working on their appearance. Another poll, commissioned by British beauty brand Nephria, found women spend 23 minutes a day blow-drying and styling their hair (men spent 12 minutes getting ready total, two minutes shy of how much time women spent putting on makeup). Some women, like Astarita, who have particularly difficult hair, can spend more time than that.

Fair or not, skipping a beauty routine can have professional and personal consequences. Study after study shows that attractive people have easier lives. They are more likely to get called back for an interview, make more sales, have better starting salaries, and receive favorable treatment in the legal system.

And conforming to "attractive" and "presentable" standards has a lot to do with doing your hair. In 2012, the Center for Talent Innovation, in partnership with Marie Claire, conducted a study of more than 4,000 college-educated professionals in which they asked what portraying an "executive presence" involved. Unsurprisingly, "polished appearance" was one of the top three results (behind "gravitas" and "communication skills"). The study reported that 54% of male and 67% of female survey respondents cited "unkempt hair" as one of the biggest mistakes women make at work, and the magazine quoted a vice president at a global consulting firm: "I was mentoring a woman who was 30 but looked 22. She couldn't get to the next level, so I told her, 'Get a haircut. You look like a kid, and people don't trust a kid to do a grown-up's job.' The next time I saw her, she looked amazing [with a new hairstyle]. And guess what? She got that promotion."

"Why are so few women running Fortune 500 companies?" Marie Claire asked while presenting these findings. "Because too many of us don't look and act the part."

Oh yes. That's the problem.

Of course, there are exceptions. (Looking to raise venture capital? Scruff up! Attractive women fare worse). But in many cases, not conforming to societal standards for beauty and grooming results in a penalty. Which sucks, and often sucks more for women of color. One survey found that two out of five black women avoid exercising to maintain their hairstyles.

In other words, before you judge Blowtox, remember that it's you, society, that created conditions under which it could thrive. While Blowtox is not not ridiculous, it is about more than hair.

Dr. Dendy Engelman

"It was a real emotional phenomenon," says Dr. Engelman of her clients who received Blowtox. "It's not, 'Oh, yay, I'm prettier and life is easier'; it's, 'Now I don't worry about what I look like or how I'm going to schedule my life around my hair. I make people pretty all the time, but they don't come in and say, 'You've changed my life by doing my lips.'"

That's certainly been the case for Astarita, who works as an aesthetician. "Especially in New York, we all have these incredibly busy work lives, social lives, and trying to carve out some time when I can make time for myself to go to the gym, to exercise, is really challenging," she says. "The last thing I want to deter me is because I just got my hair blown out. [Blowtox] basically gives me a lot more free time."

Blowtox basically gives me a lot more free time.

Dr. Nia Terezakis, a clinical professor at Tulane University Medical School who has a practice near New Orleans, has never administered Blowtox, but she says she would, even sans FDA approval. "The safety of the drug is established, and when they approve it for one indication, it's not forbidden for use elsewhere," she says. "It's the most common cosmetic procedure in the world. In the hands of someone who uses Botox a lot, it's very safe."

Even so, getting Botox injections is a real medical procedure with real risks. There are no studies about Blowtox, its prevalence, or how far it's spread beyond New York, but none of the doctors I contacted for this article, even those who had never performed a single Blowtox procedure, or a spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology, seemed particularly surprised by the idea. "People usually prioritize face first," Dr. Wexler told me. "Then they prioritize with their budget. "

"But if they have unlimited budgets, they do everything."

20 Curly Bob <b>Hairstyles for Women</b> 2015 - OLWomen.com

Posted: 31 Jul 2015 02:45 PM PDT

Curly bob hairstyle for women 2015 are gaining popularity on the red carpet entries. The reason is that curls allow hair to occupy much more volume and present a more vivid texture than any plain short hairstyle can achieve.

Curly bob hairstyles are in vogue this year, surpassing new entries on the red carpet. You can add a lot of personalization to bob hairstyles. Keeping that and the current trends in view, here is a list of curly bob hairstyles for women 2015 you will certainly adore. Try them if you are daring enough to lose your lengths & make sure you already do know about how to grow hair faster.

"Curly hair tend to gain less appreciation and attention from stylists all over the world probably owed to the fact that they are difficult to style. The longer they get the more tough to tackle to become. It would be wise for you to try some retro additions of the bob hairstyles."

20. Retro Waves For Curls


This hairstyle is the most popular short curly bob hairstyle, currently seen on the red carpet. More and more celebrities seem to be embracing it each day. Retro waves are easy to prepare and you don't really need any expensive and aggressive hair appliances. Five minutes before your dressing mirror and a modest holding spray ought to do it just fine. While you are at it, try straightening the hair near the roots and at the head area. This keeps your head neat, and the curls form an adorable ring around your head with maximum volume at the back. This also rings to you the possibility of side part for added glamour.

19. Bob With Silky Curls


The curls don't have to be all majestic and imposing. In fact, a simple bob looks perfect on all types of faces with simple symmetrical curls. Add to it a deep side part and voila! You have the perfect hairstyle for any kind of event you might want to wear it to. That is what makes the silky curls so special. Here's a quick tip of the morning rush hour: Leave the roots untouched and round the ends softly make a deep side part with your fingers and set with holding spray.

18. Highlighted Curls For Women



This is one of the amazing entries to the genre of curly bob hairstyles for women. On one hand, it is elaborate and detailed with a rich texture to make hairstyles, and on the other hand, wearing it with an accessory such as a hair band can make it the perfect summer updo. Wear it with any kind of dress and gentle makeup and you are certainly going to be a show stopper. The curls are made more imposing by dense curls which give it a fluffy appearance. Streaks of honey coloured hair randomly spread make it a style to die for. Wear it to outdoor and spring events and weddings and you will certainly attract admiration.

17. Curly Bob With Bangs


This is the latest addition to the category of curly bob hairstyles on the red carpet. A hybrid between the two most popular short length hairstyles certainly gives you a chic and funky look. Bring out the girl inside you with this unique updo. Although, styling takes time, but the end result is always satisfying. It will satisfy the demands of any type of event you are probably looking forward to. Loose curls go best with bangs. However, you do need to straighten the bangs area of the forehead and the crown of the head. So, there is always the need of a straightener every other week if you want to keep this hairstyle for more time than a few weeks.

16. Asymmetrical Curly Bob


Asymmetrical curly bob is the next best thing when it comes to bob hairstyles. On one hand, it keeps one side of the cheek clear and the neck free, thus making it appear longer and slimmer and on the other hand the curls frame the face almost perfectly. It should do perfectly with hairstyles for oval faces. Make the curls dense and irregular. To hold the hairstyle in place, use bobby pins but make sure you hide them well beneath the curls. This hairstyle has an exotic feel to it, and goes great on prom nights and wedding parties.

15. Bob Hairstyle With Twisted Tendrils


This entry in curly bob hairstyles for women is designed for slightly longer hair than the ordinary bob, and it looks amazing on oval or slightly elongated faces. Tendrils are great to magnify and enhance the texture of your hair while keeping them elegant and away from the fuss of the regular curly bob. Softly defined curls in this hairstyle are easy to prepare and don't demand much attention to stay in shape for longer periods of time.  Part the hair along the centre and keep the root areas straight with gradually increasing curls. That is the perfect combination to make the tendrils look best.

14. Curly Disconnected Bob Hairstyle For Women


This entry is perfect for casual parties and nights to the bar, yet it is casual and comfortable enough to wear all day long. This curly hairstyle features opposing and irregular curls which don't mix with each other, but each curl sits in its own occupied volume. This amazingly enhances the volume and the texture of the hair, and you can boast a really voluminous hairstyle even if you have relatively frail and weak hair. On the down side, this hairstyle demands much more attention in terms of supplements like holding sprays and curling irons. But, given the end result, it is certainly worth it to spend on this hairstyle.

13. Messy Curly Bob With Sun-Kissed Highlights


Sun kissed highlights means ombre and that means hours of hair colouring. In short, preparing this hairstyle with perfection can be a tough nut to crack. Besides, not every messy bob goes well with sun-kissed ombre. You need to prepare a side part, and side swept bangs on the forehead and crown. Curl the hair in the back with different irons so that they don't mix and they make the perfect messy look. Combine the two factors, and you get this gorgeous and astounding curly bob hairstyle for women.  However, be careful not to overdo the ombre or the curling, for the results could go terribly out of balance in both cases.

12. Edgy Bob With Curls


This style is an elegant combination of the new and the vintage. It is an impeccable style for the girls out there with naturally curly and frizzy hair.  Frizzy hair tend to be untidy, but with the right setting and arrangement, this messy texture can be transformed into an elegant updo. The same goes for this entry. The hair at the top of the head and crown area is straightened and arranged with a deep side part. The rest of the hair are curled up and arranged to produce a messy look. Shiny hair will make perfect subjects for this hairstyle. You can add shine to your hair with a shine serum before styling. Try to keep the mass of the hair at the back of the head, so that it does not make the hair look too messy up front.

11. Braided Bob For Curly Hair


Braids are a great way to jazz up a simply bob. This style is one of the most versatile entries to the category and allows for personalization in the form of side part, braiding technique and accessories. You can muster up a different look each day with a few braiding techniques and creative imagination. Braids that crown the forehead are absolutely amazing for women with round faces. Otherwise, braids running down from the forehead backwards not only keep the curly bob more manageable, but also keep the face free of hair streaks. Although framing the face is the common choice with bobs, you will certainly find this technique stylish and gorgeous.

"Curly bob hairstyles are absolutely perfect for spring days and outdoor events. They are stylish and party wear, yet they are elegant in their own way. Not only are these hairstyles easy to prepare, they don't get frizzy and with them you face hardly a bad hair day."

10. Give Me Volume Bob Hairstyle For Curly Hair


Here goes another fabulous look for women looking for a party hairstyle. This is the ultimate chic hairstyle in this list of curly bob hairstyles for women that will make you the rock star you want to be. It is gaining popularity because it is elegant and sweet with a touch of chic to it. Apply moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to soften the curls and then use a curl crème for shine and sleekness in hair. Now it is up to you how you set the bangs; swept back, asymmetrical or centre parting. The style is gorgeous for all faces types.

9. Dense Ombre With Curly Bob


Ombre is absolutely stunning addition to any and every hairstyle out there. You can choose from a wide variety of ombre hair themes, shades and spectra to give your curly bob hairstyle a chic look. It attracts attention to your natural waves and enhances the texture greatly. You can become the girl of the night at any party with just a bit if shining serum or holding spray. This style is party and exotic at the same time, and can suffice for any kind of event including business meetings and formal events and proms. Bring out your cheek bones with a deep part and side swept bangs for a more glamorous look.

8. Elongated Curly Bob For Curly Hair


This is another option specifically dedicated to the readers with chin length hair. If you have a light texture, chin length hair and an oval face, this hairstyle will make an excellent impression on you. The longer versions of curly bob hairstyles for women look fantastic with gentle curls. Brunettes should especially explore similar options. This hairstyle can be personalized by using different accessories like a hair ban, or by adding to it a side part. That's way, you can not only create the perfect frame for your face, but you can also make it more manageable and less messy. Got naturally curly hair? You might need a straightener just as often as a curling iron since it's impartial for the root areas to be relatively free of fuzzy curls.

7. Beachy Bob Hairstyle For Curly Hair


Beachy waves with a long bob! This combination sounds like too good to be true. Beachy waves go almost anywhere. From prom parties to summer days out and from beach trips to business meetings, this style can go with any kind of dress. The challenge is to make the beachy waves prominent given the short length. Try side parting and styling your hair so that one side is longer than the other. That way you can create prominent beachy waves on that side. You can also shade the locks that frame the face in a lighter hue of your natural colour to make it a more personalized updo.

6. Pulled Back Bob With Curly Hair


This style is absolutely gorgeous for women with naturally curly hair. It is a very funky entry to the curly bob hairstyles for women that have made quite an impression on the red carpet this season. Back swept hair enhance the length of the neck, and they complement a round shape impeccably. It means that this hairstyle makes a perfect combination with strapless dresses and gowns. Wear it to your prom and you will be a show stopper for sure. Want a grandiose updo? Add a lot of shine serum and pull the hair upwards before sweeping them backwards and tie with a rubber band. It's easy and it is made to stay in-the-now for quite some time.

5. Voluminous Classic Bob For Curly Hair


Classic bobs were mostly curly. Straighter entries started appearing on the red carpet at the beginning of this century. A vintage style with extensive curls to the sides and back and a parting down the middle creates a classy hairstyle that keeps par with its retro counterparts. This style is massive and voluminous and it has potential for personalization ranging from curls to waves. A popular choice would be to twist your hair in dense curls to allow for bounce. It is a very nice option for prom nights and parties, but you can also wear it to everyday events.

4. Wavy Lob For Curly Hair


Finally! The lob is here. This latest entry to the genre of curly hairstyles for women combines a bob with shoulder length hair to create an absolutely stunning hairdo. The fashion industry is teeming with celebrities who are going for the lob. You can wear a lob to every occasion without question. The lob is elegant and yet it is surprisingly easy to prepare. If you are looking for a cute bob hairstyle for your curly hair but are afraid to lose the lengths, the wavy lob is just the ticket for you. Waves are good but you should straighten the roots to keep the hairdo from getting frizzy.

3. Half Straight Half Curly Bob


Just have a glance on a few samples of this hairstyle and you will find it absolutely irresistible. Straight hair gently cascade into curls to produce this fantastic combination. It is a perfect hairstyle for outdoor parties on spring and summer days. If you are looking for curly bob hairstyles for women that don't actually require you to have natural curls, this might just be for you. The two textures actually mix up quite well and if you do it in sections, that might just create the perfect gradient for you to achieve the perfect half straight half curly bob.

2. Wavy Undercut Curly Bob Hairstyle


Wavy undercut is the latest retro entry to the genre and has so far gained magnanimous praise from fashion critics all over the world. Try a sharp tint for ombre and combine it with this haircut for the best party look this year can bring. Reduce the curls to waves on the voluminous side for added texture and personality for your hairstyle. This is a comparatively complicated haircut, so make sure you put your hair in good hands when you get the haircut. Small mistakes could go a long way to ruin the look.

1. Long Bob With Dimensional Curls


It looks great and comfy, and the voluminous texture will certainly attract gossip from all over the party hall. On the down side, this curly bob hairstyle is difficult.  Styles like this require a lot of attention and care, and you simply cannot achieve the perfect look at home. Better turn to a willing friend or a stylist to help you through. Be sure to use plenty of serum or holding spray because shine is elementary with dimensional curls. Get it right and you are ready to be a party stopper for the night!


Many women tend to rid themselves of their curly hair to allow for a wider variety of hairstyles. Most of them like to go for straight hair make for much easier subjects. The best solution is to try curly bob hairstyles. They are absolutely fabulous, and they are the exclusive marks of the fashion trends of 2015. With a will to try a new hairstyle with a touch of creativity, try this amazing gallery of curly bob hairstyles for women 2015. You can invent many a cool and funky hairstyles getting the best ideas for you.


20 Short Haircuts For Older Ladies | The Best Short <b>Hairstyles for</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 28 Aug 2015 01:00 AM PDT


As we grow older, we need to adapt both our dressing style and our look, in order to express our age. Generally people think that long hairstyles look charming and elegant. As a matter of fact, short hairstyles, if properly styled can also be completely wonderful and admiring. Having long, beautiful, pleasant and bouncy tresses is great in your 20s and even your 30s, but after a while taking care of your long hair can become a burden, and it can really make you look older. Here you will find 20 Short Haircuts For Older Ladies that will actually inspire you and make you call for an appointment at your local hair salon immediately! Check out the list below and you will find a slew of different short hairstyles to choose from.

1. Short Curly Haircut for Older Ladies

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2. Chic Short Hair for Older Women

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3. Short Haircut Idea for Older Ladies Side View

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4. Trendy Blonde  Short Haircut for Older Ladies

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5. Short Highlighted Haircut for Older Chic Ladies

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6. Pixie Haircut with Bangs for Older Ladies

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7. Short Blonde Layered Haircut for Older Ladies

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8. Short Grey Pixie Haircut for Older Ladies

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9. Chic Short Blonde Layered Haircut for Older Ladies

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10. Short Layered Haircut with Side Bangs for Older Ladies

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11. Short Straight Bob Haircut for Older Ladies

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12. Classy Short Bob Haircut for Older Ladies

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13. Blunt Bob Haircut with Bangs for Older Ladies

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14. Short Layered Hairstyle Idea for Older Ladies

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15. Best Short Layered Hairstyle for Older Women

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16. Best Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Older Women

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17. Pixie Grey Short Haircut for Older Ladies

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18. Fine Layered Pixie Short Haircut for Older Ladies

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19. Long Straight Pixie Haircut for Older Ladies

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20. Curly Short Blonde Bob Haircut for Older Ladies

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