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Women Hairstyle | Long Wavy Hairstyles Popular And Trends ~ Womens Long ...

Women Hairstyle | <b>Long</b> Wavy <b>Hairstyles</b> Popular And Trends ~ <b>Womens Long</b> <b>...</b>

<b>Long</b> Wavy <b>Hairstyles</b> Popular And Trends ~ <b>Womens Long</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 08:22 PM PDT

Interesting application to long wavy hairstyles, The combination of size becomes an important part of the implementation of long wavy hairstyles. Usually this will involve all sections of hair with an impressive concept. This will certainly help us get the settings quite well compared to the other impression. In addition, the whole appearance is applied to the hair style will also make us perform very well. So we can also add some other elements that concept and applied with impressive collaborations. Of course all parts of this concept make us perform very well without having to apply excessive combinations. In addition, some important parts of the application will also allow us to obtain the desired comfort.

Of course a different appearance to the application of long wavy hairstyles will involve many important elements with a better impression. Additionally, the entire appearance on this hairstyle makes us appear very impressive. It will also be adjusted to important performances that will be applied to very good. In fact, we can also maximize the wavy concept with better placement. So that the whole appearance of a given this will help us get the impression that quite interesting. It will also be adjusted to the conditions throughout the hair. Moreover, some women who want to look better condition usually will require quite interesting.

Usually we will add some of the best elements adapted to all appearances in long wavy hairstyles. Moreover, the concepts used in the wavy hairstyle are indeed going to use a fairly good placement. All the desired appearance will also be adjusted with the concept of better appearance. However, we should also use an additional pull through the placement of fairly long bangs. For some women, as it would make the whole part of this hair style look very impressive. In addition, we will also get a better comfort compared to other hair styles.

Long Wavy Hairstyles Popular and Trends: Beautiful Long Wavy Hairstyles ~ Womens Long Hairstyles Inspiration

Womens Long Hairstyles, Long Wavy Hairstyles Popular and Trends.

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30 Beautiful <b>Long Hairstyles</b> For Winter 2014 ~ <b>Womens Long</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 09 Jun 2014 04:34 PM PDT

30 Beautiful Long Hairstyles for Winter 2014

With long hairstyles for winter, everyone can be prepared to deal with the chills and the cold, without having to compromise their style and look. Winter is known for its humid and wet situation, which can really affect the appearance and mood. But with the right styling, everyone can look great without overdoing it.

The Various Options

There are some great ideas for the winter hair style, especially for those with long locks:

  • The Audrey. Be prepared to look highly chic and fashionable with loose waves and volumized texture. Moreover, if the color is right – bright red or jet black – the overall appearance will certainly stand out.
  • The Elizabeth. It is a classic style where the combination of straight and wavy hair will deliver great result. The upper crown comes with straight texture, while there are soft curls starting from the middle toward the end.
  • The Victoria. It is basically a messy, wavy, and tousled look, where the soft scattered curls are dominating the hair. The bangs are full and dramatic, putting focus on the eyes, making the overall look complete.
  • The Rebecca. It is basically a style based on the 70s show Charlie's Angels. With the curls that are styled up to swept away from the face, the overall texture and layers are visible.
  • The Viviane. It is for straight texture where there are layers framing the face and dramatic length on the back.
  • The Scarlette. It incorporates big and bouncy curls with attractive highlights that will deliver warm feel.

Color Option

Besides the style, it would be a good idea to consider the coloring as well. Having bright and bold red can be a great option. Or consider having brown with honey highlight to deliver warmer atmosphere for the cold winter setting. With the right options for hairstyles for long curly hair, everyone can look their best even when it is winter!

30 Beautiful Long Hairstyles for Winter 2014: Isabelle Long Hairstyle With Unstructured Curls ~ Womens Long Hairstyles Inspiration

Womens Long Hairstyles, 30 Beautiful Long Hairstyles for Winter 2014.

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Women Hairstyle | <b>Long</b> Wavy <b>Hairstyles</b> Popular And Trends ~ <b>Womens Long</b> <b>...</b>